Flows on parts

I have created a four movement work for wind band and each movement is a new flow. I have given each flow a title and in the score each flow starts a new page. In the parts I want the flows to appear under each other. I have selected default part and have changed the choice so that flows do not start on a new page. This all works well apart from I don’t have the titles of each movement? What do I need to do to get the titles showing in the parts?

You can set up text frames with the token text {@flow2title@} or {@flow3title@} to force specific flow information onto the page of your part.

So do you just insert text frame where you require header?

You insert text frame, but make sure it is not overlapping the music frame. And do that when you have finished the layout of your flow, since the music of the flow must end before the subsequent flowtitle is displayed…
This will require:

  1. Shorten the musicframe so that the entire flow finishes there
  2. Create the text frame for next flow
  3. Create the music frame for next flow on that page.
    I hope Dorico’s team will create an elegant and automatic way to have those flowtitles on a same page, yet I understand the complexity of it.

I am having the same problems but I can’t make this solution work! What happens if the flow lasts for more than 1 page and the next flow starts half way down the page? Where do you put the FlowTitle text box, on every page? Sorry I don’t quite get it…


go to the specific part and display it in Engrave Mode.
Switch on frame editing „Frames“ (top left).
Then go to the page where flow 1 ends and flow 2 starts.
Grab the lower blue music frame border and move it up so that the last bar of the first flow is still visible.
Click onto that text frame symbol.
Draw out a text frame (green lines) where you want the title of flow 2 be displayed.
Click into that frame and insert {@flow2title@}.
Adjust the font display to centred (if that is your preference), adjust font size.

Next step: click onto the music frame symbol, draw a new music frame underneath that text frame.
Automatically the music of flow 2 will start there. Go to the next page.
You will notice, the music of flow 2 will start there a second time.
While you are still in Frame editing click onto the first blue „button“ (the Frame Chain selector) at the top left of that frame and change it to the other value (I had to change from MA to LB).
The music of flow two will then be continued there.
You will have to change this on all pages of flow 2 so that this flow is been displayed continuously.
Save and you are ok.

And then we have to redo this for every single part and flow? I have here a piece fo work in 4 flows for about 30 players… Oh my…

I’ve Setup an extra template called “title halfway down”. It’s a music frame at the top, a title frame halfway down the page and another music frame beyond (all created using the methods described above).

With one of these, you can just do a Master page change where you have a flow starting midway through a page, correct the title text to use the relevant flow title, and resize the frames (and if necessary nudge up or down the title). Much quicker than doing each page from scratch.

I’ve just done a set of 9 flows (short movements) for 12 instruments. For the first time, I used the text/music frame method. It is definitely pokey, even with a predetermined master page, but it looks good for that particular project and I’m happy to have done it. Very often, especially for score that have many movements, I either:

  1. Integrate the title with the first tempo mark (if there is one - if not, the tempo becomes the title altogether). So it looks like: “First Movement - Allegro con brio”
  2. I use shift alt text, set to a new paragraph size, and move it to the centre in engrave mode (if I wish).

Those methods have the advantage of being far less onerous when there is an editorial change. For example, in theatre music when there are cuts, or if flows have to be re-ordered. Using frames looks beautiful, but has to be done when one is absolutely certain everything else is done.

I hope that Flows will eventually allow attachment of multiple tokens, not just title.