I’m trying to turn off some players for a particular flow, for a particular layout.
I could swear I’d done this before…but I’m stuck.

I do not think you can do that in one step… but would be glad to be proved wrong !
I would duplicate the flow, remove the unwanted instruments and build that layout from there.

You can do it by overriding the master page (or using a new master page), creating a music frame that isn’t in the master frame chain, and then using the filters to only show the one specific flow with the specific players you select.

Marc’s answer might be what you’re looking for, though!

Ctrl+click in the flow panel (Setup) to select/deselect players.

Dear mati,

I had never noticed how powerful this was ! Thanks for that tip !

But this applies for all layouts, not for particular ones as OP asked for? Or am I missing something?

Well, Anders, I thought like you, but trying it, I can see you can tick/untick layouts AND players in that panel context menu.

It seems to apply for all layouts. Am I also missing something?

Marc, I can tick/untick them but they still don’t apply per flow per layout.

I am doing this by duplicating the flow, but it’s not nice to use flows to do this and means unhelpfully renaming flows to distinguish them - which makes the flow tokens less useful.

Maybe Daniel has plans to improve that part too, let’s wait for someone from the team to chime in.
In any way, Steve, thank you for testing this thoroughly and reporting it !

Marc, I’m still not 100% sure it’s not operator error stopping me from doing this. I’m going to follow pianoleo’s suggestion on a duplicate project. I’m still iffy with frame chains. I understood it last year but have forgotten…
I love flows and especially now ctrl-clicking the layouts!

Is there a way to add a player to a flow and NOT have that player activated in all previous flows?

There isn’t, David, but what you can do is add the player, then right-click the player’s card and choose Flows > Remove Player from All Flows, then selectively add the player back to just the flow or flows in which he or she should play.

Thanks Daniel, that’ll cut down a lot of time.