Flows Squashed Together

I have this problem when creating a new flow. The first four worked fine, but the fifth flow appears at the bottom of the page and the other four get squashed together (image attached).

I don’t have any overrides on the page. How do I reset the flows?

Could you please zip this Dorico file and post it to the forum? That will help to figure out what is the problem.

You’ve not really given enough information to diagnose the problem. It might be that you’ve been tweaking stuff in Layout Options without understanding the consequences.

With factory defaults, I get this:

If I tweak the flow heading margin, as so:

I get this:

Note that what’s actually happened is that the Vertical Justification settings (on the Vertical Spacing section of Layout Options) have kicked in - that few mm I’ve added has tipped the total amount of stuff on the page over 60%, so Dorico’s spread it out across the page.

Thanks, you’re right, I must have changed a setting that did this. I reset to factory and it was fixed. I need to learn more about the layout options. Thanks for your help.