Flows within flows?

Hi all, I have an interesting layout question for you that comes as a result of my “Finale hangover.”

I am setting an opus which contains 6 string quartets, each with 2 or 3 movements:

I would like for each movement to be labelled appropriately within its respective string quartet. So for instance, the 1st movement of the 2nd string quartet should be labelled “I.” not “III.” or “IV.”

Is there a way of restarting the flow numbers? Or should I just manually override them? Or is the best way to do this to just create a distinct file for each string quartet and adjust the page numbers accordingly?

You can always use the flow title field for the Roman numeral, instead of the flow number field. Changing the titles in the Project Info window. You’ll have to change the tokens in the default flow heading in Engrave Mode (Dorico Pro required) to only show the title.

The idea of flow grouping/hierarchy, precisely for cases as you describe, has been suggested before. I’m fairly confident the developers will expand this functionality eventually.