Flowtitle vs. flowtitle

Just curious, is there a reason that the flow title in the “Project Info” window and the Flow Title that you give in the bottom of the Setup window are not the same thing? (I keep forgetting to change both.)

Thank you!

If you only ever type into the bottom panel of Setup mode, the flowTitle in Project Info will remain linked. If you type into the flowTitle in Project Info the link will be broken. This makes it easy to, for instance, keep track of multiple versions of the same flow without displaying the version information on the page.

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Thanks, Leo!

In other words, the flowtitle in Setup Mode can be used for internal purposes without disturbing the print. That’s handy – and good to know - thanks!

If I delete the flowtitle in “Project Info”, will that “repair” the link?

it’s also interesting because it beckons the opportunity for an {@internalflowtitle@} :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t a way of repairing the link.

Interesting. Does it break the link between all flows or just the one you broke?

I guess I’ll experiment… :slight_smile:

Just the one you broke.

If you delete the name in the Project Info dialog, it will relink to the name in the bottom panel.