FLS Checker plugin

This is great, thank you Takashi!

Ok then, thanks… I only really use a plugin editor for my virus or novation, so they would just use normal slots like other plugins. I have a motif now too though so may use the plugin for that also. We’ll see. Generally I use stand alone editors for my HW synths, or the ipad.

I just hope there is some workaround some day, like cubase opening plugins in a new process once the limit is reached…

(basically, say, cubase could be designed to let the FLS slots max out, with a permanent slot counter shown somewhere in the info line, then when the limit is reached, all plugins from then on could open in a separate process, until the limit is reached again, and so on).

The whole reason I want such a powerful machine is cause i use a LOT of plugins and high track projects… I know I will hit this FLS problem very very quickly if i switch to windows… That’s my main turn off at the moment… well, that and forced windows 10 updates.

fls checker is godsend. At least I know why my cubase projects began to behave weird and I know what to do about it…

Interesting i only had this problem in 8/8.5 and that seems to show why

CP 9.5.40 no project, windows 7 pro, 99 free.
A 40 track project with Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Toontrack SuperiorDrummer2 and the rest Waves stuff - 96 free.
Expected to loose some more.

And thanks for the plugin, really good to get a grip where I am at. :slight_smile:

Analog Lab by Arturia - eats 40 slots!
can somene confirm ?

Anything by Arturia was over 30 slots.
Can´t remember exactly, but yes, mine was around 36-40 slots

Btw, UR44 eats 9 slots

Great news for Windows users…

HAPPY Healthy New Year all! :sunglasses:

Hi All

If any of you test the new Insider build on your non-critical PCs, please feel free to contact me directly with results (or post them here, of course)

pete dot brown at microsoft dot com


my remarks first: Concerning Windows 10 64 bit Version 1809
FLS checker returned a max of 128 Slots on any configuration, it is hard coded now?

Next coming Windows Upgrade (19H1 release of Windows 10) should return many more slots ( > 4000)

  • hope developer compiled new FLS checker version on Windows 10 64bit higher or equal Insider Build 18312

Anyway - my results on Windows 10 64bit 1803, 12 GByte Ram Intel Quadcore i7

Tested on “New Project” , Insert only one audio track stereo, then inserted FLS Checker Tools Plugin only

Cubase 10.0.10 Pro
94 Slots

Cubase 9.5.41 Pro
95 Slots

Cakewalk by Bandlab Version 2018.11 (Build 31, 64bit)
110 Slots

WaveLab 9.5.40 Pro
115 Slots

strange, now i have only 65-70 slots at start up cubase. normaly around 88-90

have no idea what can eat 19 sltos!

any solutions ?

Any loaded DLLs in the process can use up slots. It’s possible there’s an option enabled in Cubase, or you added a plugin, or an update to cubase or one of the loaded components/plugins uses more.

The 19H1 “May 2019 Update” release that ups the limit is coming late next month.


(Also, yes, the FLS Checker plugin is hard-coded to max at 128. On a 19h1 system, it always reports 128, no matter how many plugins are loaded (unless you manage to hit the new super-high limit, that is)

Thanks Pete, read your post before, cant wait to tested new update.

you mentioned Option in Cubase, what it can be ?

I don’t know of a specific option. I was just brainstorming out loud on what may have caused Cubase to use more slots. In general, that means it’s loading more DLLs, which I assume would be due to some checked option, or internal effects etc.


Not aware of any options in Cubase as such though some people remove things like the hub or video engine by deleting the dlls to save a few slots. Perhaps you removed these at some point and an update replaced them? Or maybe you just have some plug in the control room you’ve forgotten about?

okay that info help me find new wired things…

in Cubase 9.0 (without control room, and disconected my UR 44) i get 79 slots in empty project, is less in 11 slot before

Now the wired thing:
when i choose in C9.0 UR44 it eats 11 slots! now i have 59! after restarting cubase with alredy set in UR44 i got 61 (+2 before)
8.0.40 (with same manipulations) 66

testing on non-critical.
no crashes.
cant tested with heavy projects yet

fls limmit gone

In Windows 10 Pro 1903 Insider Preview 18362.86 plugin show always 128 slots. This is normal or need wait updated verion of FLS Checker?