FLS Checker plugin

FLS Checker doesn’t show more then 128.

so that means limmit has “gone”


1903 here!


Just installed 1903 and working perfectly no glitches. Hats off to Microsoft. And the 128 FLS limit is GONE! Hallelujah. Its been a tricky few years living with it every day and trying to avoid it.

Is there some aproximate datę of official release. I know from this threat it’s the first half of the year, but (you know) it’s about nów…

my fls checker also stay at 128 with the newest update. So is there an update to the fls checker that shows all the available fls slots above 128 :slight_smile: Cheers, lokotus


In Windows 10 Pro 1903 Insider Preview 18362.86 plugin show always 128 slots.
This is normal or need wait updated verion of FLS Checker?


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FLS checker is no longer needed since 64 bit only under win 10 as the limit was upped some time ago now if you read the previous couple of pages of this thread.