Flute 2/piccolo issue

I’m a bit lost and not quite sure which would be the best solution to my problem.

I’m engraving a large score, it has auxiliary instruments for flute, oboe, and clarinet.

I’m working presently on the 1st movement, where the only auxiliary I need is piccolo (the 2nd flute goes back and forth between the two).

To have my piccolo staff be the top line of the score I made a separate piccolo staff, while flute 2 is the 3rd staff down, below the 1st flute.

my problem is if I try and condense the score, it condenses my 2nd flute staff into the 1st flute, while the piccolo is showing above. So I get a 2nd voice with rests in the combined flute part.

would I be better off leaving the piccolo/flute 2 part out completely of condensing, and simply hiding their staves where I don’t need them?

when I will get to a section with English horn, and then bass clarinet, will I be better off simply making an instrument change on the 2nd oboe/2nd clarinet staves, rather than having actual independent staves for those two auxiliary instruments?
because from the flute’s behaviour, I’m guessing that Dorico will show a staff for an independent cor anglais and bass clarinet and an empty voice with rests for the condensed oboes and clarinets staves.

oh, another condensing question:

I would like the horns to ALWAYS condense as horns 1 & 2 on one staff, and horns 3 & 4 on a second staff. Right now Dorico is doing a mish-mash of 1+2+3 on one staff with 4 on another, then back and forth and various versions of this.

it even has horns 1, 2 and 4 on one staff while horn 3 is on its own staff… in my opinion, this is completely unacceptable engraving practice.

Make the Picc. & Flute 2 separate players with a single part layout hiding empty staves and using careful system breaks to avoid showing both instruments.

In the score layout, condense the second flute where appropriate and hide the inactive instruments staff manually via the Staff context menu.

Because Eng Hn and Bass Clarinet are below thee second player staves, you should add those instruments to the second player (below the primary instrument so Cl 2 and Ob 2 will condense properly).


Set up custom condensing groups for Hns 1 & 2 and another for Hns 3 & 4 in Layout Options for the score.

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I MAY end up, once the entire score has been entered, creating a new “player” for that 2nd flute/piccolo part. Something not included in the full score, just for the instrument parts. In which case I’d simply make flute2 and piccolo as one staff with instrument changes.
I guess that will be the safest way for me to get the look for the score and parts.