Flute combi Halion sonic se Key switches

I am trying to write something with the Flute combi in Halion Sonic. The legato , Staccato and accent seem to work, but how do I access the other keyswitches like Thrill, ornaments (HT, WT) and Crescendo-Decresendo ? I have tried all the appropriate playing techniques but the keyswitches don’t seam to react. Is it possible that those internal connections are not made yet? In Play-mode, the techniques that work show up on the pianoroll as text as the other techniques don’t.

An other thing. For my Xsample harp VST i have tried to program the expression Salzado with a keyswitch to activate the different effects of this VST, but no reaction at all, where the other keyswitches i programmed like Natural and damp work fine.

Are somethings just not implemented yet and therefor don’t work?

Otherwise a beautiful and promising program.

IIRC trills have not yet been implemented.

Thanks for your answer. What does IIRC stand for?

“If I remember correctly”