Flute Fight

Probably my last track on a album in the works. I’ve always liked old school jazz flutes for their borderline comedic value. And I’ve always like vintage kung fu sounds, for the same reason. So, here goes some sort of vintage kung fu funk, for lack of a better description. Any feedback welcome.


Lovely!!! I love those funky guitars!!! :star_struck:

I apparently missed this. It’s fabulous. Sounds like an action TV theme, which is just what you’re after, I’m sure! Watch out when whoever these guys are are walking down the street in your direction. Well done!

Hey, hadn’t logged in for awhile so missed those. Thanks for the comments. Was fun to make!

Special mention for the voices too.
Great groove , never boring, something is happening each and every sec… Love it

Energy. Feel. Bravo.


Very good. Are these completely synth sound bites or real people playing instruments? It’s hard to tell now days since VST plug in’s are so good.