I am just setting up a new score, looking for the Flute in Woodwind. I cannot seem to find it.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?


If it’s not there, then one of your relevant xml files has been corrupted and you should reinstall.

I usually use the Search field above for the instruments I need

Thanks. I just re-installed Dorico Version (Jun 21 2022), on MacOS 11.6.5
This is what I see:

Have you at some point renamed a Flute and saved the new name as the default for that instrument?

In Finder, click the Go menu > Go To Folder…
Then copy and paste this path, including the tilde (~) : ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4

(For clarity: this is your Dorico user preferences folder. It’s where your key commands, saved defaults etc. are stored. It’s not overwritten when you reinstall Dorico.)

In there you should find a file called userlibrary.xml.

If you’re happy inspecting that file in a text editor, you’ll be able to find the faulty instrument definition. Search the file for <instrumentNames> to find the custom instrument definitions. Here, for instance, at some point in the past I’ve used the Almglocken instrument for a Cue staff, and I’ve saved that name as default:

Deleting the entire section (from <InstrumentNameEntityDefinition> through to </InstrumentNameEntityDefinition>) will clear the problem in Dorico (once the file’s been saved and Dorico’s been reopened.)

If you’re not comfortable fiddling with XML, upload userlibrary.xml here and someone can fix it. Then you just need to drop the replacement file back in your user preferences folder.

Alternatively, if you haven’t intentionally saved anything of particular importance in your user library (custom playing techniques, Lines saved as default, custom Paragraph Styles etc.), you can move userlibrary.xml somewhere else, or rename it (in case you change your mind at a later date). The next time Dorico opens the user library will have factory settings.

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Ah - OK. Many thanks for explaining that. I have no idea how the file got corrupted - I have never changed an instrument name - but good to know how things work.