FLUX IRCAM tools crash cubase get blacklisted

I installed the latest version of FLUX IRCAM tools http://www.fluxhome.com on Mac OSX Mountain Lion and Cubase crashes once for each plugin installed in the pack. After each crash upon opening Cubase the plugin causing the crash is blacklisted, so after 6 or 7 crashes, the entire suite of FLUX IRCAM tools gets blacklisted.

I’ve reported this to Flux support but have heard nothing back.

I’m having the same problem with the Expander, just won’t work, crashes constantly. Would really appreciate some help please!

Update to v3. https://www.fluxhome.com/download

I’ve practically given up using Flux Trax.

It works in Cubase if there are NO other plugins present. As soon as I load it into a track with even a small handful of effects, there’s either no sound or it will intitiate a shutdown of my whole PC in minutes.

Very disapppointed as I love what the plugin can do and I’ve paid a lot of money for it.

I did get some assistance from their support though but they could find no problem.

Were you polite to them?

If they still wont answer I’d suggest telling Flux you will put a video of the issue on Youtube or something to let other people know the problems their plugins may cause as they havent even got a forum to get tips from other customers.

That might ‘encourage’ them to help…

ps: they seem to release beta updates every few weeks, found on their download page. It’s worth trying.

Trax also works just fine for me in 7.5 (see attached picture). Try updating to the latest versions of the plugin and make sure you’re running the x64 instances.

Maybe that’s my problem. I havent yet ventured over to x64.

It’s never been the right time to make that leap…