Fly Away

Hey there,
Working on some new material. Very much in laidback, downtempo territory at the moment. I have plans for a female vocalist for this one, but I think it can hold it’s own without if it so happens. Any thoughts welcome. Some mild limiting but otherwise unmastered. Thanks!


Good and cool mood! The piece holds up very well without vocals, but it could also be super interesting with a female voice. It is a question of finding the good voice according to the musical style which all the same has a tendency a little jazzy.

I like what you’ve done and it sounds great too!

Thanks. Yeah I think jazzy and dusty would be a suitable fit. I have someone in mind - hopefully works out!

Great sound! Looking forward to hearing the vocalist!

I got some Gotan Project association in the first third, without the tango elements obviously. So my mind was in South America. But then you had this little interlude in an arab-esque style.

All in all I liked it. Will be nice to hear what your vocalist will add to the song.