Flying stems/lines after Explode

Please advise, this is my first real time delving into Exploding - I read every forum post on it I could find here, and am familiar with the relative ease of doing it in other programs in the past.

I arranged a 5-part onto grand staff, then copy/pasted it into the lead alto, then copy/paste-special/Exploded into the other highlighted sax staffs. Most of it turns out looking good, but quite a few notes go wild, appearing on the wrong staff, or with stem heads flying off the page. I’m able to fix some of it up with the Engrave tool, but not all, and I’m definitely worried about how this will play out as I progress to bigger pieces.

File attached. Thank you in advance for any help on this!!

Explosion Problem forum.dorico (1.8 MB)

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PS I would upload a screenshot but keep getting a message that “I can’t embed media in posts”

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Welcome to the forum Joe! I can see why that was a bit discombobulating - fortunately it’s very easily fixed. The reason the stems go a bit haywire is the source material had notes crossed to other staves.

If you select all the notes and do the following operations, all will be fixed:

  • Choose Edit > Cross Staff > Reset to Original Staff - this tells all the notes what staff they “should” be on
  • Choose Edit > Reset Position - this will put all the beams back in the right place (for any you dragged manually; also, in other circumstances if you want to change the beam direction there are specific options for that)
  • If anything still doesn’t look right, select it and choose Edit > Reset Appearance - that will unset property changes/overrides. (Including for your text objects - if you want lots of text objects to have the same font formatting, you can create a custom paragraph style that you can then apply to all required bits of text, meaning if you later change your mind and want all of those sus./dim. indications to be 9pt rather than 8pt, you update the paragraph style once and all bits of text that use it get updated)

One other side note - there isn’t an italic version of the Petaluma font, so you’ll get a missing fonts dialog when you open the project due to various font/paragraph styles that expect to use the italic version of the default font, of which there is none for Petaluma.

Forum permissions: once you’ve gone up a bit in your forum trust level, you’ll gain the ability to add things like pictures/more than 1 attachment to your posts. Here’s some info about forum trust levels.

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My apologies for the late response, but thank you so much Lillie this solved the issue and is an extremely helpful resource for other areas I want and need to check out as I continue working and learning with the program.

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You’re most welcome Joe! Always feel free to ask questions here as you continue to settle in :slight_smile:

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