FM Lab - Crashing Halion 7 FM every time

Thanks for the hint. No crash for me in the wavetable spectral filter either. I added the crashdumps to Jira and my colleagues are investigating.

I can get the Wavetable crash every time, if I follow @skijumptoes image in the post above.

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My apologize, i should have posted in this thread, i fought i was the only one, with halion 7 crashes.
I think , allso updating the cubase to lastest version might help?!.

It’s a reproducible crash for me - HALion 7.0.0 in Nuendo running on Windows 11 22H2. Let me know if you want the crashdump.

Confirmed here, instant crash, also latest C12.0.52 on Win10 22H2.

I’m on 12.0.60 (I’m a Cubase Beta Tester) so alas that’s not going to help.

Where do I find it on Wndows?

No, it’s happening in the standalone here, 100% reproducible.

Ok, after updating cubase to lastest version, cuebase seems atleast to be more
snappy, faster responding , more stable, allso halion 7, seems more stable, it does not crash
that often, but however, updating cubase to lastest version did not solve the halion 7 crash problems.

You need to be more specific with what crash problems you have, can you detail steps to reproduce one? If so we can follow those steps and help verify if it’s a bug or something unique to you.

Yes, i can do that.

When loading fmlab, then selecting a patch, works fine, patch .loading, patch audioable.
What happens, when i removing the patch, by right click on halion instrument slot, then
loading another patch into same slot, will cause halion 7, and cubase element 12 to crash.
I have allso send two crash text dump file to steinberg.
Another thing is, when going to cubase instrument slot, to unload whole halion 7 plugin from cubase, by there after, loading halion in same instrument slot (in cubase), halion 7 and cubase is crahing.
Allso, sometimes, when just open a fresh new empty cubase project wiht one midi track, and going to the instrument slot, to load a fresh new halion 7 instance, will sometimes make halion and cubase crash.
How can i be more specific, i mean, my way of doing things, is actually to test halion 7, i allways do that when i buy software, to see how stable the software is, to stress test it.
I cant be more specific, because it is diffcult to provoke these crash, sometimees it happens, sometimes it doesnt.
I wish i could give a more precise scientific report, but i cant do that.

I Can’t replicate unfortunately. I just tried adding and remove on the same slot 4-5x in succession and it doesn’t crash.

Are you able to try the standalone version perhaps? Just to rule out Elements being a factor.

I also can’t replicate your other descriptions, i’m so sorry and wish I could so you knew if these were bugs or not. Just to be clear, are you using “HALion” or “HALion Sonic”?

I would try reinstalling HALion personally, it’s possible something had failed during the initial installation maybe?

And,for reference, my ‘About’ in HALion 7 shows these versions:

Yes, i will do that, later on.
I have have been loading and unloading up to 10x times halion instrument in halion, it only occur after several times, so it very diffcult to say exactly when the crash happens, but still, i feel the cubase is much more responsive and and to some degree actually more stable, after updating cubase to lastest version.
I will try Halion 7 standalone.

Allso, to notice, i have the damn norton on, plus firewall.

Some freeware vst, like dexed and on, some freeware vst is known to cause crash in cubase.

I hope Philippe Bono / steinberg, can figure out , by reading all these crash report.
After i have testet the standalone halion 7, i am not going to test and do intensive research.
My point is, steinberg expert should handle the halion crash problematic, i hope.
Deffently i wont be dealing with analysing crashreport, memory leaks, this is out of my jurisdiction.
I use to do lots of software symptoms, this and that in old days , when things didnt work, today, i am the humble man, whois trying to push a simple button one and expect every things works right out of the box, giving me time to the most important thing, composing music.
Maybe i am just lazy.

Humble stress tester you mean :wink:
I have been uploading the crash dumps into our database.
Since you mention Norton and virus scanners in general: We realised that disabling virus monitoring for the VSTSound locations can speed up HALion/HALion Sonic initialisation and preset loading significantly.
Firewall should be fine.
Thanks again for reporting the bugs and sending the crashdumps everyone.

did alteast 25 times, provoking halion standalone (windows 10) crash test, by loading , unloading patches in same halion slot, allso did lot off browsing patches, choosing , loading
patches, unloading patches, init new fm patches and restart halion, doing same thing over and over, allso
inporting dx7 sysx patches, editting patches etc,
Halion 7 standalone seems to be rock solid, and very fast responding, wow, it much faster and much more responsive than halion 6 ever did.

Now i did the same thing with halion 7 in cubase (lastest version), here the crash only uccur, after , unloading halion irself from cubase instrument slot, then loading halion 7 in same instrument slot in cubase , and sometimes , when loading fm patches in fmlab.
So it seems cubase itself produce the crash, for some unknown reason, maybe i have to uninstall all my freeware vst plugins, disabling norton.
Allso i did actually installed directx 9 version, because i have the “dark basic pro “ programming language, which is really not compatible with win10.
In the crash memory dump file, in can see , ref to a dx11, and other files, but this is
out of my jurisdiction.
After updating cubase element 12 to lastest, as mentioned before, cubase and halion (as plugin in cubase !) just seems so much more responsive and more stable.
it only happens occasionally, halion crashes in cubase, i think.

Thank you.

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hmmmmm, disabling norton , halion loaded as an instance in cubase, i testet it again, halion 7, only crashes i occasionally.
Now i did complety uninstall norton from my computer, restartet computer, then testet both halion 7 standalone and cubase / halion 7 plugin sveral time (30x times), no crash at all!!.
Strange, it might be the norton causing some of
the crash?!!

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