FM LAB presets .. how many?

The site mentions ‘hundreds’ of presets in this plug-in.
Are we talking about 200 ? or 999 ?
I can’t find this in the specs…

320 according to my halion

I’m not at the machine but it’s about 320 programs (as Rick says )and 900 content ie the Dx7 roms , individual sounds

Not bad. I guess the complete FMLab plugin is included with Halion 7 ? It’s cheaper for me to buy the halion7 upgrade from my v6

321 Programs

Many of these might combine several layers.

In addition to the ‘programs’ are something like 641 ‘layers’.

One such example is an initialization layer.

Then a whole ton of ROM, TX, and VRC defaults.

So out of the box that’s 961?

Upgrading your Halion may cause some distress. Re the ratings. I had a thread discussing this. Not sure what I did finally. But my thread has been updated.

Maybe I have to revisit this. I didn’t check the hidden library wherever that is. Don’t know if restoring it would screw up the new stuff coming in

Very interesting, but I don’t get what you mean . I tried everything I could think of. How can I see those 641 layers? Sorry :smiling_face_with_tear:, and thank you in advance.

Don’t worry, found it. Left click and select Layers instead of Programs here:

I don’t have the program yest. But curious.

  1. do you select a preset (your blue highlighted line there, and right click there ?
  2. if you select ‘all’ from that drop-down list , do u get all programs and layers too ?

no I left-click on the blue “PROGRAMS” word

yes that’s right