FM synthesis as an FX plugin


Is there a plugin which emulates FM synthesis over the channel it’s on?

  • The channel source functions as the carrier.
  • the side-chain channel feeds the plugin as the FM modulator.

Is there anything like that?


Native Instruments Reaktor

however Reaktor is only a container.
I guess I should load the right preset into it for that matter.

which is it?

OK… Managed to build one from scratch. Nice… Does what I was searching for…

Got it. FM8. Sounds exactly as I was imagining it. Thanks!

You could also try the TAL-Vocoder plugin. You can put it over any sound source and use the internal waveform or an external waveform to modulate the carrier in the channel…

Not sure if this would work better then a dedicated FM synth plugin such as FM8 or Blue2 though., as these have more operators to play with.

Good luck!