FM VST Synth by YAMAHA/Steinberg ?


I find it a bit odd that YAMAHA/Steinberg have not offered a high-quality, very accurate FM -VST synth that can very accurately emulate the YAMAHA TX-802/DX7II Hardware of the past.

Would love to see a new FM VST-Synth from YAMAHA/Steinberg. released in the near future.

NI’s FM8 doesn’t cut it for me. I’m sure YAMAHA/Steinberg can offer a much better full sounding, and more accurate emulation of the older YAMAHA FM synths.

Your thoughts ?


I agree with you. Padshop and Retrologue were great, hope Steinberg/Yamaha builds a proper FM synth next.

Interesting that Propellerhead just built a nice DX7 emulation for Reason. Too bad there is not a VST version!

Bumping this as I just put it posted requesting this in the features forum. 100% agree. No idea why they havent. Seems like a no brainer.

They should do an 8 op FS1R vsti.

Steinberg / Yamaha have not got into the business of releasing software emulations of their hardware synths so far. I would think the addition of an FM engine and at least one FM instrument to a future version of HALion / HALion Sonic is more likely than anything else.

Arturia has a VST recreation of the DX7.
DX7V is also part of their V Collection.

I’ve heard good praise about Arturia recreations.

In the freeware zone there’s DEXED VST synth, which is sysex compatible with DX7 (more presets than one can ask for available on the web) and for me, sounds good enough.