Fm8 and massive crashed in Cubase 13

Windows 11 went through a system update the other day. I opened up Cubase this am and loaded fm8. I hit the edit icon to bring up presets and fm8 froze. No preset could be loaded.

Tried massive as well and Cubase crashed immediately. Warning screen told me to connect with VST vendor.

This has happened previously as well to these VST’s. But I eventually got them working through updates (can’t remember how).

Suggestions as to how to correct this?

If only NI plugins crashed, it’s at least easier to troubleshoot.

There’s your clue.

Yes, I agree…but I’m sure I’m not the only one who went through a Windows 11 update and had these problems in latest version of Cubase 13.

I got this error message.

Any idea how to correct for this?