Focist Youtube Channel If ya’ll feeling the Hip hop song Please feel free to subscribe I would appreciate it greatly! Musis Is Our Passion Right? I did this some as a collab featuring a Germany producer that made the beat named Mpolo and a singer from Germany by the name Hiltrop turned out great!

Great collaboration,really liked the mix and production. Keep it up

thanks fam I appreciate the luv !

I need some more plays yall I want to reach 100k in a few months let me know places i can post at anywhere in the world to create the traffic I need

This forum is not a good place for hip hop or urban music at all.

Post this at sites that focus on hip hop. Try the Native Instrument Maschine forum under the hip hop thread; this would be a good place to get further site suggestions

Also post this at Greaslutz

Thanks Bro I really appreciate you .