Focus control bug

I have a Focus control set created in a previous version and is working but in 2.0.12 when I open Focus control, add a button/slider, assign Category and Action, test it: it works. I save the project, close, reopen and Actions are gone.

Hi @diegoalejo15,

I’ve tried to reproduce it with 2.0.13, but it works for me

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Select MODULES
  3. Add Module and load Focus Control
  4. Open Editor
  5. Change to EDIT Mode
  6. Add Button and select it
  7. Select “Category = Transport” and “Action = Start/Stop”
  8. Activate “Open Editor On Activation” to load editor when the Part is selected
  9. Save Project
  10. Close VST Live
  11. Start VST Live and load Project

All is fine. What’s the difference to your workflow?

Thank you,

I can´t reproduce it now… :man_shrugging:

… hm. Keep us on the loop and let us know when the problem returns.

Thank you,

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