Focus issues

I’m currently working on a piano piece that uses long pedal lines with notches in. Now, first of all let me say that pedalling in Dorico is a MASSIVE improvement on Sibelius. I think sorting out the piano pedalling was the job I hated the most.

This pedal line spans several pages (it’s actually not that long in time). Whenever I select the pedal line, in order to extend it, Dorico shifts the screen focus to the start of the pedal line. I then have to scroll back to find the place I actually wanted to work at. This happens a lot, with things like long tied notes. I personally find it irritating, rather than helpful and wonder whether it’s a behaviour I have any control of?

Thanks for suggestions. I’ll put a video up if my explanation isn’t clear.


Mike, have you read through the thread about the “whack-a-mole”? Lots of discussion there about it.

Short answer: no, you really can’t change that behavior currently.

You should find this behaviour improved in the coming update.

That’s good news, it was one of the things that bugged me a bit on a recent project. :slight_smile: