focus issues

hi all,

i’m having several problems related to focus in cubase.

  • when i pop up the sample editor, my zoom keyboard shortcuts stop working. at first, i thought the problem was that the editor simpy didn’t allow them, but i finally realised it was a problem with focus. if i click with the mouse on a wave form inside the editor first, then i can use my zoom keys. the problem w/that is that clicking on the wave sets markers. yes, i can erase them, but… isn’t there some way to have the sample editor set focus on itself in the first place ?

  • in the arrange window, when i add notes to a track’s ‘notepad’ area, my cursor suddenly disappears. i have to make a guess about where it is and click there to regain focus. this is a bit dodgy because there’ve been times when i’ve accidentally moved a clip or envelope by doing that. is there a setting i can set to defeat this feature, or is this a bug ?



I cannot reproduce your 1st issue on my system here. But I tested with Cubase 9 and on Mac.

Your 2nd issue is an known one and has been fixed with one of the update (I don’t know the update version, but in any case it works with the latest Cubase 9 version).

ah, i see. well, tbh i’m reluctant to upgrade to 9, since i’ve heard there are so many performance problems and the video engine is missing… O_O i guess i will have to deal with the irritation of the focus problems in cp8, and make my notes in a separate application.

thanks for the reply !


Video engine is not missing in Cubase 9.

ah. i’ve read that the video engine for 8.5 and later had some sort of problems [such as no longer supporting quicktime, no longer importing videos] and needed to be updated, but wasn’t.

is this incorrect ?


The new video engine is part of Cubase now too, since Cubase 9.0.30 update.

Correct, Cubase 9.0.30 patch introduced the new video engine, but you may want to test its performance on your system. On mine, it chews up a lot more CPU than previously, and also compared to other DAWs, unfortunately. More details in other threads. But yes, as of 9.0.30, the new engine is now available.

more focus issues. these are getting really annoying.

in the arrangement [i.e. track] editor, from the track inspector, i select an insert slot and add a plugin. then i close the plugin. although some keyboard shortcuts for cursor movement [e.g. ‘go to the beginning of the song’, step back/fwd 1 snap increment, etc.] work fine, none of the other ones do [such as zoom commands, next/previous track, etc.]. for some reason, all of them continue to focus on the plugin section of the inspector, even though the cursor movement puts focus back in the arrange window where it should. :imp:

is there a way around this ?


Isn’t it exactly the same, when you click to the Inspector? I.e. when you switch the focus to the Inspector manually?

no, it isn’t. i have full keyboard control of the arrange window, including zoom and cursor movement, as long as the plugin is up. when i dismiss the plugin, focus is removed from the arrange window and placed on the track inspector. this is pretty annoying when you’re trying to work quickly…