Focus on Playhead on opening editor

Does anybody knows how to set the pianoroll editor to open focused on the playhead instead of the beginning of the midi part ?
for example if you stop playback at bar 43 to edit some midi part, I would rather open it in the middle of bar 43, rather than bar 1 (considering the midi part would start at bar 1)
For small part it’s not a problem, but when you work on long project you end up scrolling a lot…

The solution I’m using so far, is right after double clicking on the part to open the midi editor, I double hit “F” (the shortcut for following playhead). But I was wandering if there is an easier way?

You should be able to achieve that with a macro.

May-be, but it would be even slower.
When I double hit F, I get where I’m supposed to pretty fast, but still it’s an unpleasant method.