Focus on Zone

Are there key commands to focus on Zones other than just pressing tab? I am trying to make several macros that need this and toggle zones are not all that helpful. I want the key focus to go to the Left Zone/Inspector, Lower Zone, etc so I can then run the rest of the macros and have it work no matter if the zone is open or not at the moment of macro execution.

It would be very useful if there were Cubase shortcuts to focus each zone.

I use Keyboard Maestro (Mac only) macros as a workaround.
Here are two examples. They use the “Click at the found image command”. I chose two images that do not change when I’m using Cubase and still work if the Zone sizes change.
It would be possible just to use screen X,Y locations, if the Cubase window and zones were always the same size.

I have set the § (Section Sign) key as the Cubase “Zoom to Locators” shortcut.

1. Zoom to Locators in Project Window
Click 100 pixels to the right of the Undo/Redo icon.
Run the Cubase “Zoom to Locators” shortcut.

2. Zoom to Locators in Sample Editor
Click 100 pixels to the left of the Open in Separate Window/Setup Window Layout icons.
Run the Cubase “Zoom to Locators” shortcut.

I’m not an expert in using Keyboard Maestro - there might be other/better ways of focusing Cubase zones.

A fully working Trial of Keyboard Maestro is available at:

Thanks for the post, I love Keyboard Maestro and use it all the time! FWIW you probably know Keyboard Maestro 8 allows you to drag in reference macros (you could reference for years but not quite as simple as drag and drop) to other macros. I type [Reference Macro] for every macro that is also used by another macro. Sometimes I can use them as standalone macros but they still may be referenced. That way I don’t clean things up and accidentally break other things.

It makes it super helpful for images (like you pointed out) especially if I have set up several macros that reference a single image in Cubase and/or Nuendo. I just kind of got tired of constantly having to fix them with each update and was really hoping there was a built-in solution that always focused on a section. For years I was looking for the “Bring to Front” command for the project window and didn’t realize it was already in there.

What do you use the “Section Sign” option+6?

For what it’s worth here is a nice Keyboard Maestro macro from Steve for scrolling.

Yes - it’s annoying. A built-in solution would save a lot of time.

I’m using a British keyboard which has the § key:

Thanks for the link.

Ah nice, that makes more sense, thanks again for your post and sharing.