Focus playing on a certain Flow

I want when I press play to play only a certain flow not the whole project ?
How please to focus play to the flow that I want ?
Also How can I stop the flow from playing and keep the metronome playing separately from the flows?

Create a new Score Layout on the right tab in Setup and make sure only the Flow you want is in that layout. (Right click the layout and select the flow)
Then you’ll find that layout in the scroll menu in the top of page.

selection of flow2 from setup tab will cause to play flow2 . selection of flow1 from setup tab will cause to play flow1 and then play flow2 . I do not to continue playing to flow2. I want the play to be focused into the selected flow. Thanks

You cannot force Dorico to stop completely at the end of the flow, I’m afraid.

@ehabaziz2001, first you create a new Custom or Full Score Layout in Setup and then un-checks all flows you don’t want to see in that layout.

Then you select that layout in the top menu. When playing that layout the playback will stop when you reach the end of that layout/flow.


Hello ,
What you suggested is not working . I have 2 flows only . I need to choose from play which flow I want to play and then stop .Please see attached file designed on windows 10 .

02_WoO08_Complete Score.dorico (522.7 KB)