Focus Quick Control - Global Plugin Mappings?

I really love the new Focus Quick Control Feature of Cubase 12.

When i work in a Project and do all the mappings of the plugins to the Focus Quick Controls, and i open up another instance of the plugin, it has the same mappings and works great, also when i reopen the Project the mappings are still there :slight_smile:

But when i open a different Project, all the quick control mappings for the plugins are gone, and will needed to be done again. So it seems that the focus quick control plugins mappings are rather saved in the project file than in globally in the cubase settings.

Can this be implemented please that the plugin mappings will be saved centralised on the computer and will affect all projects on that computer the same?

thank you very much

Have you set the Focus Quick Controls to Global Scope? I have no problem setting them for a plugin’s parameters and have the plugin retain them across projects.


Unless I’m misunderstanding your problem…


Dear @paka

thank you very much for your reply, very appreciated

yes, my controller settings are all set to global

i played around with it and found out more of issue what its happening

this is my Project A, with the the mapped focus quick control settings, here for example on Soothe2
QC1: depth
QC2: sharpness
QC3: selectiviy

when i create a new project, and i load the plugin into an insert slot, the mapping is spot-on, great!

when i open up an old project that i have worked until a couple of days ago, and i open the plugin that has been already inserted in the slot already, the mapping is off:

when i load a new instance of the same pluging into a different insert-slot of the channel, the mapping is now correct:

so somehow the mappings are not get applied on older plugin instances that were initiated before a certain event (i did work on this project quite a bit in cubase 12 already, but did not have any midi remote setup nor focus quick controls in place yet, i just had this setup yesterday)

Soothe 2 was just an example, it is happing to all the plugins in my previous projects.


Gotcha. Yes, I can reproduce this behaviour, when I open older projects with different quick control setups.

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For some reasen my quick controls set using the new QC button does not load again in any way. I tried Set as Default preset but every time a open a new instance, even in the same session, all the QC mappings are changed to the default out of the box mappings…

Is there any way to save focus QC assignments (eg the ones on plugins) at all?

It would not even save with the plugin preset, unfortunately.

Fancy having to set up focus QC assignments every time you use the plugin.