Focus Quick Controls assignment to sampler doesn’t work

If I right-click on a parameter in the sampler control window (e.g. “Formant”), then I get a pop-up window where I can add that parameter to focus quick controls. Adding it opens up a new window that looks like a VST plug-in editor but for sampler control. In that editor window, the focus quick controls can be accessed like any VST plug-in.

The problem is, if that window is closed, then I can never get it to open again.

Does anyone know how to open this VST-plug-in-like editor for sampler control?

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Steinberg support have confirmed this bug and reported it to their developers.


Unfortunately, this hasn’t been fixed in 12.0.10.

In fact, it’s worse:
Now, the window that used to allow access to the sampler quick controls doesn’t appear at all. You can assign a parameter to a quick control slot exactly once. After that, you have to close Cubase and re-open it to assign something else to the slot. There is now no way to set a slot to have no assignment.

Does anyone know where on the filesystem for Windows and Mac this setting is stored?

This is still broken in 12.0.20


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.