Focus Quick Controls don't work as expected


I have some troubles with the Focus Quick Controls. I’m using a Komplete Kontrol S49 mk2, and therefore mainly the 8 rotary encoders, to access the (Focus) Quick Controls. I just added the S49 as a MIDI Remote and assigned the Focus Quick Controls 1-8 to the rotary encoders 1-8.
Works, so far so good!

But here is the problem: I put my Quick Control-Focus setting to “PlugIn-Window-Focus”, so I can only control the Plugin / Instrument which the QC focus is enabled on.

But when I have loaded for example two instances of Halion, and have both GUIs open/ visible, then click on the Halion-01 GUI (so the QC focus is on the Halion-01 window) but simultaneously the Halion-02 track is enabled, I control both Halion-01 and Halion-02 Quick Controls with the rotary encoders of my S49. So one Halion instance is completely messed up unintended!

So the QC Focus setting “PlugIn-Window-Focus” doesn’t work as it should. It behaves exactly like the “Track and PlugIn-Window-Focus”… Is it a bug or am I missing something?

I’m working on Nuendo 12.0.50, Windows 10 latest update

All the best

Also the same when I just add an audio track and load an EQ plugin (for example the Maag EQ 4 from PluginAlliance). So when I click on the Maag EQ 4 window so the QC focus is active, my Quick Controls are controlling the EQ as expected. But when I enable some track Quick Controls on the selected audio track, while the QC focus is still enabled on the Maag EQ 4 window, I again control both Quick Controls simultaneously…

Can anybody reproduce this behaviour? Is it a bug?

bumping into this thread again (Fred again :slightly_smiling_face:), because I get no answer from support and this issue drives me crazy.
Can anybody reproduce this “bug”?
Thanks in advance

— EDIT —
just completely done my Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2 script from scratch and now it works.
So there isn’t a bug in Nuendo, juszt my script was bad