Focus Quick Controls Issue

Hi, I’m trying to use the new QC feature with my TouchOSC midi controller and I’m having some issues.

I’ve gotten Cubase to receive automation through my TouchOSC faders, but the faders are not following (moving with) the written automation.

The result of this is that when I go to write new automation, the fader on my touch screen is in the wrong place and I get a jump in automation.

Can anyone please advise?

In the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant there is setting called Value Mode that determines how the Control deals with this situation. It’s a bit complicated, so it’s best to see the section in the manual about the Mapping Assistant. You’ll probably want to use Pickup or Scaled Mode.

So I had all the faders set to “scaled” but when I changed them to “jump”, that fixed it!

Thank you!

Really? Because your description of the problem sounds just like how Jump works. But as long as it’s working.

So previously I was able to send information to Cubase, but upon playback the faders on my touch screen didn’t move. Once I changed from scaled to jump, that fixed it. I now have “flying” faders =)

Oh i get it now. Hadn’t picked up that your faders could be actively controlled by Cubase. For un-motorized hardware faders, Quick Control values would generally not match the hardware’s value so using Jump can cause problems in that situation.

Totally get that most people are using unmotorized midi hardware.

Which is why I like touch screens so much. I used to be a big Lemur user, but had to switch over to TouchOSC when Lemur went under.