"Focus Quick Controls" vs. "Selected Track | Quick Controls"

“Focus Quick Controls” vs. “Selected Track | Quick Controls”. I’ve tried RTFM, Google, fiddling – no joy.

I’m seeing this in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant | Functions Browser | search for ‘QC’

It’s a matter of test, actually…

As a first approach, I would say that FQC are aimed to plug-ins controls management, when a related window has the focus ; the ‘Selected track’ ones being more suited to general Cubase track related commands.

Track Quick Controls

  • These are in the Inspector on the left and are for the selected track. You can set them to whatever you want in the inspector. Midi remote will map from your controller to the Track Quick Control slot which then maps to what you want (can be a great many different parameters ranging from things on the track, to Plugins, to MIDI CC). The values are recorded via Automation (R and W buttons) to automation lanes.

Focus Quick Controls

  • When a plugin is Open and HAS FOCUS, then the Plugins Quick Controls which are set per plugin will map the Midi Remote Focus Quick Controls. If a plugin is no in Focus then it will be the Selected Track Quick Controls. There’s a little indivator in the plugin window (top right) and on midi remote tool bar which lets you know if the Plugin as Focus.

The Midi Remote can be set to follow Focus so it will switch between these or you can set to specifically Track or Plugin Quick controls.

If your controller has motorised faders then when you switch focus between Track and Plugin QCs midi remote will send out the values and all the faders move to the right spot. Works a treat on my Icon Platform M+.

Hope that helps.

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unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. When I’m trying to use the FQC and also set the preferences to the plugin window fokus, my track QCs are always also controlled at the same time. So if you don’t take care, you unintended change parameters. Can anybody confirm this “bug”.
Thanks in advance

What MIDI device do you use as remote control?
And how is it configured?
I mean, which CC’s are transmitted and how did you ‘teach’ Cubase which CC’s to use?

But to answer your question: No, I cannot confirm this ‘bug’.

Question: is there a problem shifting ‘Banks of 8’? I read something negative, but I am in the market for a DAW controller. (The Platform M+ is on my shortlist :wink: )

@Fantom Im on Nuendo 12.0.50 and using a Komplete Kontrol S49 mk2.
I’ve set it up in the Midi Remote editor and assigned the focus quick controls to the 8 rotary encoders on the S49 mk2.

I’ve set the Quick Controls-Focus preferences to the “plugin window only” mode, but as I said, it also controls the channel QCs although the plugin window is in focus…

It seems that it behaves exactly like the “track and plugin window focus” mode…

for comparison, the “track only focus” mode works as it should…

In the KK software, I created a 2nd page (assigning again CC’s to the knobs/Buttons) to cater for both the 8 Track QC and for the Focus QC.

@Fantom where exactly do you add a second page for the controller / encoders?

In the KK software of the keyboard.
There you can configure the Knobs and Rotary encoders, assign a CC value and give it a label that is displayed on the keyboard.

@Fantom You asked Question: is there a problem shifting ‘Banks of 8’?

Bit hard to tell what this means but I can confirm two things:

  1. In Mackie Mode the M+ shifts banks of 8 as expected
  2. With my Midi Remote Script the banks shift buttons are simply CC control and work correctly. They change what they do based on the Midi Remote Page you are on but everything is as expected.
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@Fantom thanks for the hint!
I’ve set it up and it works. But now I always have to “bank” the QCs on the Komplete Kontrol S49 mk2’s rotary encoders.

So this works, but is more or less a workaround imho, because in my understanding, you should be able to set up / assign the 8 Focus Quick Controls and then determine via the Focus Quick Control preferences (in the MIDI Remote editor) what you want to control.
Either the “track and plugin focus”, only the “track focus” or only the “plugin window focus”.

So the “bug” is, that the “track and plugin window focus” exactly behaves like the “plugin window focus only” mode and hopefully this is not like it intended to be…

The situation you describe works perfectly in my setup - with focus change the track and Plugin QC switch on my faders.
My setup is my Icon Platform M+ which is a written script (not built from the midi remote). It’s clear in the code this is the intended behaviour and it is indeed how it performs.

So, that suggests there may be something in your configuration where it’s not quite working as intended. There are multiple paths and locks that could lead that way in the code and in the GUI. The tough part is trying to work out which bit is causing the issue in your case. I’m not quite sure how to proceed with debugging…

Happy to try and assist figuring that out but suggest we move to private messaging rather than spamming this thread. Ping in via PM if you want some assistance to figure this out.

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