Focus zooming on current cursor position?

Hi team,

I’d appreciate to be able to zoom into the current cursor position using the mouse wheel, please… :wink:

Thanks for considering!

On a Mac you can zoom in and out on a Dorico page by holding down the cmd (command) key and moving the mouse wheel. Many (most?/all?) web browsers have this feature also. The Windows equivalent would probably be to hold down the ctrl (control) key.

Steven, thx, but I’d like to zoom into the point where the mouse cursor is at the time


Yes, that works in Windows. Thanks for the useful tip.

In Dorico the zoom in is to the centre of the displayed image. If you drag the page around so that your “target” is in the middle of the page, then it will behave the way you describe. The same goes for if you have made a selection and want to zoom in on that selection - make sure it is centred in the window.
I use the Firefox web browser. When you zoom in, it anchors the top left corner of the page and expands the rest of the page down and to the right irrespective of where the mouse cursor is, or if you have selected any text on the page. So, it varies between applications and is probably not an easy thing to customise.

In Windows I’m finding something slightly different.
If I select something in the music and then zoom in, Dorico helpfully keeps the selection visible in the window even if it’s at the edge or in a corner of the window.
(Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work the same way for frames in Engrave mode.)

This has been requested several times. Search for “zoom” in Dorico topics and you’ll find many.

I’m sorry… :wink: