Focused clip show source's ruler and markers bug?

When activating the above option and the clip is focused (highlighted) the triangle markers and associated cursors are clearly visible, but no text can be seen.

When another clip is in focus and the clip with the markers revealed turns to dark grey you can just about make out the marker text - it appears the font is white so when the clip is in focus the text cannot be seen.

Is there a way around this as not being able to see the marker text is somewhat of a bind!


Indeed, this is a color “conflict”. You can change this by editing the Options > Colors > Markers (Source)

Hello PG

Tried that but nothing changed.

Then tried “Time Ruler” and this also changed the marker text colour so the two are linked.

Not sure then what the “Markers (Source)” changes as I could not see any difference.

However problem solved.

Many thanks.