focused clip window broken?

My “focused clip” tool window is broken. When it pops up, I only see the stuff under it - it’s simply a transparent window. I can’t drag it back into a tab form, either.

Downloading 7.1 now - hopefully it’s fixed!! As it is now, I can’t access my fade curve options!

Windows 7, 64 bit

See a pic…

Never seen that before. Please try with the standard Windows 7 style, as this is what we test WaveLab with. This won’t slow down WaveLab.
If that does not work, keep the focused clip window docked.

Philippe - I can’t dock it. When I try to do so, it just doesn’t dock. I’ll install the update in a few hours and see what happens.

All the other tool windows seem to be OK, in appearance and “dockability”!

In your original post, you mentionned WaveLab 7.1. But now when I look more closely to your picture, I see you are using 7.0 or 7.01.
I think 7.1 will solve your problem, because there was a similar problem before that version.

OK, good!! Just downloaded it, but haven’t had a chance to install it yet - in a session right now.

Thanks, Philippe!

Yep - Works great in 7.1.