Focused track envelope updating

This is quite annoying: I have three mono tracks of a grand piano recording lined up in a montage, and I want the L and R microphone tracks panned L and R. In the first track I change the envelope in view to ‘Pan’. I change pan to left and then select the track below it. The envelope box still shows ‘Pan’ - until I take the envelope and drag it down. Now it suddenly shows to be still at ‘Volume /Fades’, and I have to set it back to 0 dB again, and then change to ‘Pan’ view.

I think this envelope box should be updated as soon as I change tracks - or it should really act as a global setting for the whole montage (even better!).

Anyone? PG?

I tried to reproduce, but I could not find a problem.
You speak about “tracks”, but pan envelope is about “clips”. You must select the desired clip, selecting the track has no effect.

That may be it; I’ve probably been working too much with Cubase, lately. Thanks for checking.

Still, I never have a need for the envelope in one clip to be controlling pan and in another to control volume at the same time, but that could be just me… So, even for clips: could it be a preference to have this envelope control ‘global’ to all clips in the current montage?

I see what Arjan means: If you change the Panorama curve in one clip and then put focus on the next clip the menu still shows “Panorma” even if the volume curve is displayed. As soon as you click on the volume curve (you don’t have to move like Arjan said) the text jumps back to “Volume/Fades”. This is a bit confusing.
Also a little confusing is the check box to display only one curve: If this is unchecked and two curves are displayed, then these two curves stay displayed even if the box is checked again.

@Arjan: Press Alternate while editing your envelope, and the envelope in all selected clips, will change together.

@LutzR: I see now a problem with the visibility of the volume envelope for mono clips. Not so clear, but I note this for later inspection.

I see, that might be it. I’ll have to check in the studio but thanks for the tip

Lutz describes exactly what I meant, although I confused it with clicking on tracks. The point is that the indicated envelope function in the menu is only updated by clicking on the curve.