Focusrite 18i20 and direct connect in cubase

I normally use a MOTU Ultralight as a soundcard, but since it went in for repairs i bought a backup soundcard.
I bought the focusrite 18i20. Nice soundcard, a bit sparse in terms of DSP (read no DSP), but excellent sound and very good drivers with extreme low latencies possible for a USB device.

Ok, maybe i should spent some more time now with it, but i don’t get the picture with the routing when using SB DIRECT OUT. I use this on the MOTU for connecting extra outputs to an equalizer, minidisk, sampler etc… So each of them has it’s own proper output that can be sent from within the DAW to any of the above mentioned.

The Focusrite is sending signals to everywhere, even so that when i lower the master to zero it is still sending full signal over all outputs. But when i go to the mixersoftware from Focusrite and i disable the connections “many” from the monitors then there is no signal going to any of those outputs.

So the question: can someone explain me what the relation is between DIRECT OUT from CUBASE and how this is affected with the mixer software of the 18i20 ?
Target is to get control over assigning fysical outputs from within CUBASE.
Or… variation of the question: How are you guys, owners of an 18i20 sending specific tracks within the DAW to specific outputs so that you can use the DIRECT OUT as a filter that determines wich signal is being sent to that specific output.

Hope the question is a bit clear.
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I think I can help you finding a solution… If I understand you good you want to have control by the input faders (not the gain which is controlled by hardware) and your outputs in your Cubase… anyway probably this will gonna help you…
Try to set your Focusrite Mixer in the routing on “mixing” preset if you have (I have Liquid 56 and there is)… if you don’t, then set in the routing section DAW 1-2 to Main Mix, Daw 3-4 to Output 3-4 or whatever you are using and how many you have connected… In the mixer/fader section set DAW 1-2 to ASIO OUT. On ther main mixer output of the mixer/fader section do not set nothing… unnattach whatever you have there…
You can also mute all the channels in Focusrite Mixer to be sure you are not duubling signal.
Now, open Cubase and try to connect anything how you wanted or do even better and my advice for you is to get to know with Control Room feature in Cubase… it’s really nice and it could be usefull tool for you…
here is a link to a post about how to work with CR…
…in the beggining of the post you have a links to a youtube lessons which are made very easily to understand.
I hope it’ll help…

Hi Roel,

As emeraz has helpfully explained above, you will just need to set up Scarlett Mix Control so that outputs from your DAW correspond to the physical outputs on the unit. The ‘DAW Mixing’ Preset will do this for you, or you can set it up manually if you wish (DAW 1 to Output 1, DAW 2 to Output 2 etc.).

After doing this, sending something to output 3 from Cubase for example would route the signal to Line Output 3 on the rear of your 18i20.

I hope your problem has been resolved, if you have any further queries please get in touch with us via the contact form on our website and we’ll do everything we can to assist you:

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Jack // Focusrite Technical Support