Focusrite 2i2 headphone and cubase 11 output issue

Hi - I have tried reading a similar post but it didn’t solve my problem, nor did reading the manual or watching Focusrite support videos!

I have Cubase 11 on Windows connected USB to Focusrite 2i2. The Outputs from the Focusrite go to my Alesis speakers and I have plugged headphones into the headphones out of the Focusrite.

During the last recording, my singer couldn’t hear himself mixed with the other audio tracks - I experimented and switch the track to Stereo Out Left which helped, but there was a delay in hearing his voice back

I have tried to set up Control Room as recommended, but cannot for the life of me get outputs to both headphones and the monitor speakers working.

Any clear advice would be most welcome!

Go to top menu StudioAudio Connections. Click the Outputs tab.

Now check that your outputs are routed to your Focusrite USB interface. Under Device Port it should list as going to an output, if not it will say something like Not Connected.

Did you have direct monitor turned on on the 2i2?
The delay suggests he was hearing himself coming back from CB rather than directly out from the interface.
I dont think CR matters in this case as the headphones just mirror the main outs AFAIK. When i used my 2i4 i balanced the incoming vocals against the music on the interface itself by using the direct volume knob.

Hi - I have tried using the connection setup as suggested by other posts and I seem to recall I tried the Direct Monitor button, but I will try it when we are back and recording again!

Thanks for the suggestions

I might be missing something but the direct monitor button or knob will allow you to hear whatever is going in, and allow you to mix it with whats coming out of your computer.
This allows you to mix the incoming signal without any delay with the music.
If this is what you’re tying to achieve then it should be as simple as that. Nothing to do with CB as such, as long as you have play back through the 2i2.
Obviously if this isnt what you need and you want to monitor the vocals with effects on it then its all about CB.