Focusrite 2i2 scarlett has been recommended....

at two different music stores in my area for following application… My currant interface, an older mackie onyx
1220, does not record mic’d acoustic guitar well, there’s not enough gain to get good levels in cubebase!!
I’m told I could use the 2i2 as a secondary 2 channel usb interface, that it sounds great and has heaps o gain…
and all that. can anyone comment on this unit and or application. could go up to $300.00 for this purpose.
any comments on this or another unit would be welcome…!
thanks danc

Mackie Onyx tech specs: Input gain range Mic Ins: 0 db - +60db
Focusrite 2i2 tech specs: Input Gain range Mic Ins: +10 dB - +55dB

That would raise the question of what mic are you using?

hi there split, thanks for responding and I see your point on input gain structure! don’t know how true it is,
but saw a post on mackie’s forum site a good while back stating output of interface was 40 db, if true this could
the problem area… have a rode 2000, rode nt4 stereo mic(very noisy with hi gain) also older audio- technica 4033.
usually go into avalon 737 with rode 2000 to mackie regular channel. for my ears I think the avalon only marginally better than onyx pre’s. In general you get what you pay for! so $150.00 may not go far quality wise… thought it interesting two different salesmen at different store’s highly recommending the unit is reason for inquiry.
the sound I get is not bad… best described as "ok " no wow factor!! could you recommend another unit close
to $300.00 price point that would an improvement on front end of recording chain ?

I take it you don’t like the avalon 737 (the Comp and EQ could be a lot better imo) The onyx pre’s actually seem to be quite good for the price although I think they overload far to quickly and in a not nice way?

As far as a new interface goes, I just wouldn’t know, I take it you want an interface to use the mic pre’s on it?

Personally I don’t use any inbuilt mic preamps(soundcard) preferring to have a selection of outboard.

hi split, again your points are well taken. don’t mean to beat up on avalon, unit with some attitude would
have worked better for me… I like the mackie!! Mixer/ interface as one is great! very easy to work with…
it’s an older unit though and will not print board eq or outboard gear, again, mic pre’s sound terrific over speakers
before recording, but signal to onboard sound card is pre effects/eq and what I hear on playback not as good.
either I expect to much or converters not up to par. this is why I inquire about the focusrite 2i2, thinking newer
converters may sound better! your comments are appreciated… thanks danc