Focusrite 6i6 and Cubase

I have no issues with latency but every time I open a new Cubase session the buffer size reverts back to 320 on the Focusrite.
I put It back to 128 and that is 7 ms, but have to keep checking every time I open a new session.
Just a little annoying

I thought once you set the Focusrite It stays at that setting.
Anyone else get this with focusrite??

One more thing If anyone knows is,---- I connect the Focusrite 6i6 box input and output at the back jacks sockets.
When I go Into cubase setup — STUDIO ___ AUDIO CONNECTIONS, I understand the input and output settings, but for recording in Cubase you use bus 1 which is mic 1, bus 2 line 3 and 4. This is how It works on my setup.
I understand the routing, but why does It say Mic 1 what does that mean ?? To me It says microphone 1, seems logical, but I am not using a microphone. Nothing to worry about .I just want to understand the terminology.
Also I would like to have a chinwag with people who use a Yamaha Genos with Cubase and their setups using the Sub 3 and 4 auxillary to a Usb sound device and back Into the Genos and then to the speakers through the main outs. So this would be like a loop back from usb soundbox .The Usb from soundbox to computer is two way.
Recording vst and the Genos should be possible that way, but some how the audio from the Genos Is not getting out to the soundbox as the recordings flatline. Since then I contacted Focusrite and I now use a different setup which now works.
Again I am just wondering why I had to change again as my old way used to work . I think there is a gremlin running around my home studio when I am In bed!!! :laughing: Be nice to hear how others with Genos set up their recording with Genos and VST.
All the best

Big tip for people who plug keyboards Into Focusrite 6i6. Do not put jacks In Output holes 3 and 4 You will blow your head off!!!
Always 1 and 2 :smiley:

All the best
john :stuck_out_tongue: