FOCUSRITE Clarett 4Pre USB problem

My portable setup includes a FOCUSRITE Clarett 4Pre which has worked flawlessly……except when I forget to turn it on before starting Cubase 11.
Then, the 4Pre won’t show up as inputs or outputs in Studio, even when I restart. It works fine with all of my other music apps including SoundForge, Audacity, and Max. I went through a whole tedious process twice with support involving deleting all of the Cubase preferences and re-loading a driver. I don’t understand why I have to do this. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Could be the drivers as I have my rme Babyface pro connected to two computers with Cubase and I can unplug from one and put in the other and it is picked up. Simple answer though is make sure it is turned on first.

Thanks, mkok. Right.
I don’t think “driver” explains why it works with every other app, does it?
In any case, it should reset when I restart, right?

The only solution is to turn the interface on before you start Cubase.

Thanks, st10ss.
Probably so, but I still wonder why this doesn’t affect Sonar, SoundForge, Finale, Audacity, or Max in the same way.

Different programs. Maybe another interface will effect those programs.