Focusrite Saffire Mix Control 3.0 Released!

Promises include better performance and no longer needing to use the Windows 7 “Legacy” firewire driver.

I’m looking forward to checking it out later this evening. It’s been a long time since the last update.

I wonder if they fixed the Liquid saffire disconnecting from windows 7 i had one and reported the problem to focusrite. they did come back to me and say it was somthing to do with mix control software and to hang on for an update.That was earlier this year.

shame i liked that unit very much…but not as much as my fireface :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

so how is it then?

Initial testing looks good. Slightly lower latency values registered by Cubase, less jitter on the VST Performance ASIO meter, and using the proper driver for my Gigabyte’s onboard TI firewire.

Also, down to 32 buffer setting for 44.1/48.0 and 64 for 88.2/96.0 (was 64 and 128).

Here are a few latency values as reported by Cubase (Studio 5) …









Yeah, RME would be nice. I think I’ll try to make this Pro 40 work for awhile, though. I got it when Guitar Center had $100 off a single item $499 or more. Now I see they’ve added Focusrite to their ever growing coupon exclusions list :unamused: .

I’m not sure if the update would have fixed your problems but I guess you aren’t too concerned at this point.

I had a pro 40 and loved it :smiley:

So is this what your tracking @ do you run lots of plugs and have to change it at all?

I’ll usually track at the lowest setting possible. As long as I can run one instance of Superior Drummer on an instrument track, three instances of AmpliTube (bass and two guitars), and the occasional software synth or two I’m happy.

I’ll generally raise the buffer size after that to give me some breathing room for loading up the VSTs.

If I ever need to re-track at that point I’ll just do a quick temporary mixdown and load it into a fresh project, lay down the track and import it back into the original project.

Overall, the new driver version seems to be handling more being thrown at it before getting the shakes.

I’m satisfied (for now :slight_smile: ).