Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 gen 1

Is there somebody else here how has problem with this soundcard from focusrite. Its quite old now and so are the drivers i guess (I have the latest). Its working fine in Cubase 10.5 but crashes my Windows 10 computer (blue screen) when i use Cubase 11. I tried Cubase 11 with my Line 6 HX Stomp with no problems at all just as a reference to the Focusrite 18i20 first generations.
Someone else who experience this problem?

I have a gen 2. I’ll let you know if/when I upgrade to Cubase 11. I’m steering clear at the moment due to all the problems being reported in the forums and social media.

Appreciate that. Gen 2 and 3 are using the same driver. Gen 1 uses a different older one as it seems on there website.

i have a gen 1
no probs anymore for a while now …
but now upgrading to c 11.00 hope all is ok …

first pls check .
your usb drivers are up 2 date
also the latest focusrite usb patch … they update this often
disable the microsoft cloud thingy i had probs like you with blue screen etc… it seems the dll file has a conflict with audio drivers and or cubase i cant remember which…
however with that all said i am afraid to say there is something in windows that is not right …
the only way is to clean install everything… and i mean clean install its a lot of work but its what i always do every new ..00 cubase version…
it keeps things smooth and clean…
widows will update itself to latest version automatically then you install your stuff on top … nice…
in a nutshell your trusty scarlet is good its got a few more years in it still although the newer versions are great … to be honest the fact we are using an old converter means we are not worried about having the latest gear… it works , it sounds good … then it is good…
time to worry is when focusrite stop support for it and even then… it will still be cool…
good luck buddy…
pm me if you need help

Gen 2 is perfect here.

I know someone using a Gen 1 with 10.5 with no problems, but they haven’t updated to 11 yet.

I’m really struggling here. I can make it work about 1 of 10 Cubase 11 starts. I have the latest drivers. Cubase 10.5 works with no problems. I’ve tried different usb ports and cables. I’ve tried to disable everything unnecessary and it still crashes. Sometimes Cubase 11 freezes or there will be a blue screen and i will have to restart. I haven’t done a fresh windows installation jet because everything works perfekt when i use my line 6 HX stomp as a soundcard.

It would be really nice to here if someone else has got the Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 Gen 1 to work with Cubase 11.

I have a Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 gen 1 which was working fine under 10.5. Cubase 11 does not find the driver, but it seems to drive the Focusrite OK with the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver, but the latency using this driver is unacceptable to me.

So, you can list me as someone who got the Focusrite 18i20 gen 1 to work with Cubase 11, but not work in a way that is acceptable to me. Still looking for a solution.

Edit: I measured latency by recording an audio click track, and then playing it with a microphone against the speaker playing the click track, recorded onto another track not going to the Stereo Out buss. Latency was about 150 ms. Totally unacceptable. That is a 16th note at 100 bpm.

Maybe contact Focusrite support. They are very responsive.

Thanks for the confirmation @Small Pink Dot. @SledDriver That will be my next step. I will return with any news about this. Thank you all :slight_smile:

It was a little painful to spend the money but I couldn’t wait for this to get resolved so I went ahead and bought an 18i20 gen 3 …

I repeated the same system of playing an audio track from one cubase track, sending it out to the speaker, and putting a microphone in front of the speaker and then looking at the offset of the wave forms in Cubase. This time I measured more carefully counting samples.

With Focusrite 18i20 gen 1, my round-trip latency was 166 ms (a 16th note at 90 bpm).

With Focusrite 18i20 gen 3, with no other plug-ins or anything operating, my round-trip latency was 2 ms (setting Focusrite to 16 samples). (About the length of time for one waveform cycle near middle C.)

For completeness, I have this i9 Pro Studio X computer from Purrrfect Audio:

The only upgrade was adding this USB-C card to output to the focusrite (But the focusrite is only USB-C 2.0 so a USB-A to USB-C converter would have sufficed.)