Focusrite with Win7 64 bit & Cubase 6??? anygood?

Does anyone out there have any experience with this set up???

OR general experience of Focusrite. Are they as high quality as some suggest? And how is ASIO with it? OR if you would push for an alternative external interface what would you suggest???

of the budget line they are the best both in driver and sound quality.
they are not the best low latency interfaces around but for the $ they are the best.
in a heavy project you will get 256 buffer, and maybe 128 depending on workflow etc.

Steinberg MR816 will get you lower latency and sound as good or better.
M-Audio 610 is also a decent low lantecy unit for the money but the pres are ok at best.
after that its RME

Just to say, i went for focusrite…

And am very pleased with it.

Pleased with the Drivers! Great sound quality! Pre amps are pretty good. The mix Control is pretty cool but the Fx plug ins are not soo great. The Free Synth is about the worst ive ever tried. But I didn’t exactly get it for any of that.

:mrgreen: glad to hear… we sell a lot of those… hard to beat for the $

BassStation, or Vstation, which was it you got free with the card? :slight_smile:

Bass Station