Foder track content display problem

I want to report a graphical problem with cubase 11.

I have a folder containing MIDI tracks, if from the inspector I select a track contained in folder C11 it cuts off the display of the track.

I attach photos of the correct display on C10.5 and of the cut part in C11

This problem is present on both PC and laptop (windows 10).

Here everything is fine (on a 4K monitor)…
Are you running Cubase in HIDPI -mode with a non HIDPI monitor?

I’ve disabled HIDPI mode but not solved problem

Ok. Did some more testing and found out that I actually had the same problem.

I found a “fix”, that at least works on my system:

Close and then reopen the Left Zone. See what happens…?

After further investigation I found out that closing and then re-opening the Left Zone fixes the graphical issue in Folder Tracks, only until you select an other track… If you then select a Folder Track the isssue is back! Definitely a bug! :cry:

quite right! I tried and it behaves as you described.

Thank you very much!

This is not folder tracks but “opening multiple Inspector Tabs”. Thanks for the info. I will have a look too.

I’m not at my computer just now, does this behaviour only happen if a folder track is selected?
Do multiple inspector tabs show clearly if another type of track is selected?

In another track it’s all ok.
The problem Is only in a folder track