Fold (Like in Abelton)

A feature that “folds” the piano roll to show only notes used. It hides keys without data. For example if I had midi notes in every position of the D Major Scale I could then fold the piano roll to only show those positions (keys). Thus only showing the D Major scale in this case. I would then be able to draw in notes and only see the keys that apply. Very useful for those of us who don’t actually play very fluently. Abelton has it and it’s pretty sweet.

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i think a fold function is definitely useful for another reason besides restricting to diatonic tones: if you’re using a drum sampler, often the hits your’re using are on notes very far apart. consolidating the view and restricting it to just the notes (hits) you want to be triggering would be very advantageous.

Indeed. That would be useful.

Wow… that would be a great feature.


+1… very useful for drum editing as lukas mentioned