FOLD option on MIDI editor - Cubase 10.5 -- now implemented

But how can this become in a problem for the creativity? I mean, folding is just an extra function, click by click instantaneously hide/ instantaneusly unhide, there doesnt exist an issue, it not takes cpu to make the process or time, all become in a click and less than a milisecond, it is not like a feature unable to disable or than gonna make you spend time…

Or lots of very effective chord progressions use chords not entirely within the scale. Granted all of this can be done by unfolding. But the issue is not that folding would inhibit us from doing something, rather that folding would discourage imagining new things to do.

here is the chord progression you added as an example but (folded)

I’m trying to think of a situation where I’d find some advantage in seeing and having access to only the folded notes. Sometimes I do enter a note on the wrong pitch on the right end of the Window because I loose track of the horizontal line from left to right. So I suppose it would help with that - except on several occasions those “incorrect” notes turn out to be happy accidents that result in something useful.

Can the OP give us an example (or two) where and how folding has contributed to their workflow.

in particular situations fold works great, for example to make arpeggios, in major pentatonic, pentatonic japanese, diminished, arabian, persian, hungarian, major bebop… possibilities are many… and as an extra function, you should considere when you can use it as a helper and as many other functions we have in cubase that not determine we will use them always or in every moment… keep in mind than this it is not a configuration… it works as a function like change note colors according to velocities, or pitch, or chords… if you are looking for happy accidents in certain moment, then you definitely must avoid fold in that moment…

for example, Im not gonna use (ctrl + d) if I want to clone segments, im gonna use (alt + shift + drag/drop), or coloring notes by pitch if I need to see by velocities, or open an audio in sample editor if im not going to make something creative with the audio clip… or push “Solo” button in MIDI editor, if I need to listen the background of my track… this is how I see “fold” and how I use it… extra tool for particular situations…


Ok whatever… I see, an extra function like this, must “affect” in some way to those who never tested before, I dont know how valid can be an opinion made just by speculation…

I know Abelton very well, no fear. :wink:
But I really never needed this function for chords, bass lines and melodies = I use it ONLY for Drums (like in Cubase!)
Your FR blocks the composition process without end in this area. (for me)

P.S: I am not a Techno Dance Producer with stupid repeating notes e.g. - but everyone works differently. No problem.

So, please accept that I do not need this function in cubase and vote against it.
There is much more important what cubase is still missing in my opinion. :slight_smile:


The experienced users in this thread know what the feature does, as do I. Consider modulating your condescension.

:laughing: Im very sorry but… opinions are opinions and yours have no fundaments…

“stupid producer” “techno music” :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: ??? what kind of assumptions are those?.. is a rhetoric question of course, I’m not interested on know from where you got those erratic ideas encrusted on your mind… everyone thinks differently. No problem.

This is off topic, but from my point of view, i was not condescending, however your are behaving a little bit like that…

What was the point to post a: -1 after ive taking the time to explain my opinion and my point of view to each person in a nicely way?? your vote was already in the poll and also your opinion was already there. To post just a -1 without a word and after my effort explaining, was a rude move…

anyway, on my side… I apologize if I made you feel offended, its the only I can say.

Im off of this thread…

Why do you not use Abelton?
I can imagine that the workflow with Abelton is better for you.

I use cubase because it does not work like Abelton. :slight_smile:
I don´t need a fold feature in Cubase´s big key editor. That does not make sense.
hint: People use the key editor in ableton as a drum editor (!) a fold function is important in this case.
In Cubase we have a fold solution in the drum editor, that´s great and ideal in this editor. But not in Cubase´s key editor.
My opinion.

Come on! a feature request doesn’t make the DAW… Is just a feature request, you know? like the thousands and thousands of features requests on this forum… Requests exist because there are DAWS with the wished features … …

I wonder how, if this is the worst and “stupid” feature asked (here apparently), why in protools forums, reaper forums, and many others users from other DAWs are asking for a fold as an extra option. Just make a google re search …

P.S: Fold is not only from Ableton, if you ever tried Logic X, you know than there is also this feature.

Sorry, I´m a former Logic user since End of the 80´s, namend Notator, I use Logic 10.3. But Cubase is in so many ways better.
BTW, in this article are many points that I must confirm:

I stay with my opinion and I’m not alone with that: there are more important features that Cubase is missing.

Im off of this thread. It´s your thread. Bye.

No I get it, I just don’t like it !!

one more time… I was not speaking about which DAW is better, this is not a DAW wars, If im here is because my chose and my main now is Cubase, its an expensive DAW, Im not throwing the money its my choice, it fill my expectations. Im no going to change to Ableton by his fold function or to Logic by his fold option, request is a request like the ones of everybody else here.

Your replies attitude is like say: “Track header and Column/ Insert Sends” ? no, no no, just move to Protools or keep in Nuendo, this looks ugly and I don’t like your request -1 I think by this request, this is not the DAW for you, those features are for stupids, because I don’t find useful myself or maybe you go back to Logic, I can imagine is better for you

(of course is an example of your kind of replies… im making a sarcasm referent to your latest comments It is not my thought)

I was just requesting a simple feature, thats all…

However, if the Key Ed did fold I would abandon the Drum Editor in a moment for the Key Ed. Hate the way it only shows one drum’s velocity at a time.

nice, 11 ppl but fold is wining lol…

I must correct myself!
FOLD option on MIDI editor IS the future.
Many people’s lives would be a lot easier if we had this Fold Option.

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I like the fold option, know it from my experience with Live a couple of years ago. It focused to the existing notes not the unexisting which are mostly the majority :wink: when editing controllers, velocity, timing etc.
I like to see it within the inline editor too.

The drum editor in my opinion is not well implemented, I like to see not all 127 notes but the notes which are assigned by the drummap. So if you start e.g. with the kick and you fold, you don’t see other instruments, so you have it unfold first to add a snare note. And drum editors folding only “looks” in the selected part which is also a little bit curious.

Im surprised how this is becoming for good! :slight_smile:

I’d argue that the way Steinberg has implemented the fold feature within the Drum Editor is not only sufficient, but equally as good as the way Live has implemented it. And Cubase BY FAR has Live beat when it comes to BASIC MIDI editing. I love Live but it’s severely lacking in the midi editing department. As far as building ideas though? Live is far superior to Cubase if you’re in to making beats and just wanna mess around with ideas. Session View and Clips in Live are a Godsend. Those along with m4L are the only thing Live does better than Cubase imo.

Was the fold feature ever implemented , it’s incredibly important ?
Any work around for this the drum editor ain’t cutting it I tried .
Ableton and Logic does this so effortlessly , please Steinberg implement the fold feature in Cubase midi editor it’s essential to my work .

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