Fold-out pages precedure...

Hi all,

I often need (right) fold-out pages in parts.
What is the easiest, fastest, most elegant way to deal with the numbering in Dorico.
E.g. i need a page 45a after 45 and then go on with 46 afterwards…

Do you mean a page number change? You can click on page 46, Insert Page Number Change.

Set “first page number” to 45, and “subordinate number type” to “lowercase letter.”

Then you’ll need to insert a page number change on the next page to set it back to “normal” numbering.

I always overlooked this feature, nice.

But how do i (elegantly) control that the page 45a is a right page and therefore should have it’s number on the right. And that the following page 46 is again a left page, number aligned left. Is there a little checkbox for me…?

Maybe this works:
Since the folding out page presumably is one-sided (backside blank) you could insert a blank page before (and then manually turn it around before attaching it). This way it would be considered a right-hand page.

Thanks, this worked so far.
But now I have a blank page and a fold-ou page right in the middle of my part.
I need these page to be skipped in the PDF-creation process or at least at the end of the document.
When i select “move pages” in the Pages column for these pages it will only move the page numbers to the end of the document (if i set it to that) not the concerning pages.

Any further ideas?

Create an additional set of master pages that have the page number on the right margin and apply a master page change (in addition to numbering change) to that page as well, and then where things resume as normal revert back to the “normal” master page set.

This is also a good idea, thanks.
But the fold-out-page will remain in the page-order, or?
What i need is these pages to be taken out the context, so i can duplexprint the “normal” pages and have the fold-outs at the end of the document or in a seperate layout…

FWIW, I just alter the PDF, moving the foldout pages to the end.

I think this is not possible in any straightforward way at the moment. Of course you could experiment with page number changes and multiple layouts – but you’ll probably be better off shifting the pages in an external pdf editor.

To echo what Frank said, you can’t really have it both ways. The whole point of a left-right layout is that left-facing pages are consistent. If you have two consecutive pages, they can’t both be left.

I think it’s possible (and I have done it) with an extra master page based on the default or first page master page set. Changing page numbers are possible. I would leave the original order in Dorico and move the fold out pages in Acrobat or another PDF program afterwards, if you need another printing order.