Foldback system with UAD Apollo x4

Does anyone know how to send the mic input to a separate line out and just the Cubase output to the headphones?

The Line Outs in Studio Setup seems to be disabled and unclickable. I appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

Cubase 10.5 with the Apollo x4 on Catalina.

I have an Apollo x8, and I send all my Cubase Control Room outputs via “virtual” buses to Console 2.
For me, those are:

  1. A “Speaker” bus that represents everything coming from CB’s Control Room dialog.
    Speaker Bus 1 -> Virtual 1&2.

  2. A “Studio Send 1” bus that represents the CB “Mix” button (= CB’s Control Room dialog/Studio 1/ Mix button).
    Studio Send 1 -> Virtual 3&4.

Personally, I don’t use ANY individual studio sends here OR click, just the Mix button.
I don’t know if you can send individual channels without latency from this point, I haven’t tried.
This is the CB mix without the mic. (CB monitoring is in “manual” mode.)

  1. A “Studio Send 2” bus that I use to send ONLY click to Apollo Console 2.
    Studio Send 2 -> Virtual 5&6.

With this setup, I have everything I need to do a headphone/“cue” mix in Apollo Console 2 with no latency.
The live mic is already feeding Console 2’s cue bus, along with these 6 virtual channels (linked in console to be 3 stereo channels).
It’s basically a direct copy of my studio’s analog console setup, before I got Apollo.
Console 2 is now replacing my Amek board.

Things that originally confused me:

__ i in Console 2 shows _ALL_the channels available! You’ll need to see them all.

__What I would call the virtual inputs in Console 2 show up as outputs in its I/O dialog.
( Not so weird if you think about it, but I was thinking that my outputs from CB should go to inputs in console.)

__ It may take a little head-scratching to figure out Console 2’s Cue/Headphone sends,
depending on your requirements, but it can be done.

Good luck!

Thank you for this. I will try it out!