folder color should apply to trax too


When a track is in a folder track and no color selection has been made for said track its color by default is grey. But you can choose a color for the folder track and all the regions on tracks inside that folder track turn color!

Great time saver… accept the tracks themselves don’t change color… in the mixer view all tracks are grey even though their regions may be colorized by the folders they are in…

Not such a good time saver now that I have to go select a color for each track anyway just so I can distinguish tracks in the mixer view.

Let me know if there is a pref that changes this folder region color behavior.

BTW, this might be considered a bug… here’s what I did

  1. create some tracks
  2. assign them colors
  3. put them in a folder
  4. minimize the folder (who is currently default color grey)
  5. set folder track color
  • note outline around folder tracks regions doesn’t not change color until you toggle open or close

I would expect the color of the folder tracks region container to change immediately to the color of the folder track when its set.

minor issue of course…

I’ve tried…no results. Regions change their color immediately but tracks within folder don’t change color despite any actions: toggling folder,zooming tracks, using “alt” “ctrl” “shift” “cmd” during changing color of folder…nothing helped. I give up.

Your results are same as mine?