Folder content not visible

When choosing an export location (choose folder in export menu) Cubase 10 shows the folder but not the folder content anymore (9.5 does).

Makes it harder to see work ‘done’, different versions already present in a folder including a projects name conventions etc. Would be much better to see what’s there, simple.

Wavelab behaves the same since forever btw, that’s not so cool - just never bothered me much because it hasn’t been there before. Having that ‘blindness’ in Cubase 10 now is not welcome :frowning: Instead of adding it to Cubase, visibility should have been added to Wavelab too!


I’m not 100% sure I know what do you mean. Could you attach the screenshot of C10 and C9.5 from the same window, to clearly see the difference, please?

Of course.

On choosing the folder to export to from the export menu 9.5 shows ‘path and names’ which allows to view the folders content, Cubase 10 just the path alone, a blank folder without its content. The folder to the right is the same, just in windows explorer to prove there are files present.


Thanks for the screenshot.

This is Windows only, so I don’t know it (Mac doesn’t show the path in the window header). But you are right, it’s different.

I reported to Steinberg.